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A must place to visit in South Korea | Haeshindang Park

Welcome to Haeshindang Park (해신당 공원), unofficially known as “Penis Park.”
Located on the beautiful coast of Sinnam, South Korea, the park is dedicated to the memory of a young virgin woman whose fisherman lover left her on rock while he caught fish at sea.

Penis Park 2

Needless to say, a storm came and she died. Because who leaves their virgin girlfriend stranded on a rock? Legend has it, after her death the villagers could no longer catch fish.

Penis Park 3

So they did the only thing you can do when a virgin dies in a storm, and built giant wooden penises to appease her spirit.

Penis Park 4Penis Park 5

Strangely enough, the strategy worked, and the villagers were able to catch fish again.

Penis Park 6

And so they continued to erect more carvings in her honor.

Penis Park 7

Now Haeshindang Park is a lovelytourist spot for South Koreans to frequent at their leisure.

Penis Park 8

So go ahead, nap on a penis.

Penis Park 9

Study a penis.

Penis Park 10

Listen to the gentle breeze as it passes through a wind chime made of —you guessed it— penises.

Penis Park 11

Or simply contemplate the meaning of life as you sit upon a penis.

Penis Park 12Penis Park 13Penis Park 14

Haesindang Park is very much a family-friendly location, and people are unconcerned about their children being confronted with all manner of phalluses everywhere. I have never been to Korea but this park is a strong reason to visit!

Penis Park 15Penis Park 16Penis Park 17



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