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In this restaurant the bigger breast you have, The bigger discount you get

China is no stranger to enticing customers to restaurants based on their physical appearance. We’ve seen Chinese restaurants charge people less based on how thin they are and even eat for free if they’re beautiful enough.

Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts 2

One Chinese restaurant named Chaoxia (translated as “Trendy Shrimp”) in Hangzhou City in Zhejian Province recently made news for their own special cost-reduction program: giving discounts to women based on their breast size.

Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts 4

It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on in the above image showing the outside of the restaurant, but here’s the breakdown:

Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts 5

According to the restaurant, the campaign was very successful, and brought in a lot more female customers, with the average discount being 20%.


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