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Ta-Ta Towel | The Boob Hammock

Summer can give women a dreaded sweat situation: you get out of the shower, throw on a shirt, and your under—boob starts to stick to your skin. So a company has created The Ta Ta Towel that holds your boobs up, so you can skip the sweat. Each Ta Ta Towel is double—sided and comes with an adjustable strap on the back of the neck, so you can personalize your boob holder. The Towel also comes with various colors and patterns.

Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 1Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 2Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 3Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 4Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 5Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 6Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 7Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 8Ta-Ta Towel Boob Hammock 9


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