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9-year-old Pinay brings ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge to tears


She has yet to disappoint the judges of this year’s “America’s Got Talent,” bringing them to their feet every time she hit the stage.

And on Tuesday, nine-year-old Filipina Angelica Hale took it one step further and reduced former Spice Girls star Mel B to tears with her moving rendition of Zedd’s “Clarity.”

“What an amazing song you’ve chosen,” Mel B told Hale, who lives in Atlanta. “This song is so dear to my heart and you’ve literally did everything to it. You did it so much justice.”

Shen then praised Hale for the way she interpreted the song, before jokingly adding as she wiped away her tears: “I’m not going to cry.”


The other judges had similar glowing reviews for Hale’s performance, with Simon Cowell calling her a “very, very special girl.”

Outside of the judges’ table, Zedd chimed in with his own comments on Twitter, describing Hale as “crazy talented.”

Hale first impressed the show when she performed her powerful rendition of “Rise Up” as her audition piece.

She then earned the coveted golden buzzer during the judges’ cut round for her stunning performance of “Girl on Fire.”


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