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LOOK: Important and Shocking Findings by Caloocan Asst. Prosecutor Darwin Cañete on Kian Loyd’s case

Caloocan Assistant City Prosecutor Darwin Cañete, before his Facebook account got mysteriously deactivated, posted some of his several findings on the case of Kian Loyd Delos Santos, the 17 year old senior high school student and alleged drug courier who killed by the authorities several days ago in a ‘one time, big time’ operation in the said city.

Cañete who inspected the dead body of Kian Loyd personally after the anti-drug operation by the Caloocan cops, published several Facebook post of his findings that may prove that the 17 year old boy was not a victim of extrajudicial killing.

These are the last posts of Darwin Cañete after studying the case of Kian Loyd:

1. There’s a possibility that the shabu taken in Kian Loyd’s possession is not planted.



Prosecutor Cañete posted a photo from the SOCO and pointed out the skin markings on the side of Kian Loyd’s body just under the garter of his printed boxers. According to him, if the shabu was not planted, it will not leave those marks on the skin.


2. Parents of Kian Loyd refuse to have autopsy performed to the body of the 17 year old boy.


Cañete confirmed that the parents of Kian Loyd declined the post mortem examination to the body of the 17 year old boy. Autopsying the body of Delos Santos is one of the ways to prove if the boy was really tortured by the authorities like what the witnesses claimed.

However, the SOCO photos showed that Kian Loyd body were no marks of physical abuse.

Update: August 21:

Public Attorneys Office (PAO) conducted an autopsy to Kian Loyd’s body and it showed that he sustained three fatal gunshot wound to his back, to the back of his left ear, and one inside his left ear.

According to Dr. Erwin Erfe, chief of the Pao Forensic Laboratory, the location of the gunshot wounds to his ears showed that Delos Santos was on the ground when he was shot.

“Angulated ‘yung trajectory ibig sabihin nakatayo lang yung shooter. Mukhang ang finishing shot ‘yung tumama dito sa loob ng tenga. Napakalakas ng ebidensiya kasi sa likod ang tama sa parlance namin sa forensics mukhang intentional killing ito,” Dr. Erwin Erfe, chief of the PAO Forensic Laboratory, explained.


3. Kian Loyd is possibly not the man on the viral CCTV video.



According to Cañete, there’s a possibility that Kian is not the man on the CCTV footage because the color of the t-shirt and the lower garments are not the same. The CCTV footage was also recorded an hour before the incident. It is highly probable that it is not connected to Kian’s case.

The Caloocan PNP also said that the man on the video is their asset.


4. The cops possessed the phone of Kian Loyd that will prove that he’s a drug courier.


According to Caloocan PNP, they got the phone of Kian Loyd which contained text messages between the 17 year old boy, his supplier and their clients. They are ready to present it if required to the people who wish to investigate the case.

“EJKs are wrong, and if proven, the (police) should be punished. But use facts, not emotions,” Cañete told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Because of these Facebook posts, Senator Franklin Drilon urged the Department of Justice to ‘immediately remove’ Cañete from the case investigation of Kian Loyd because of his ‘hostility’ toward the victim.

“The risk of prejudice is too great in the case of Cañete and this behooves the secretary of justice to intervene, if he is intent on fulfilling his job of administering justice in the country,” Drilon said in a statement on Sunday, August 20.

“The case is seriously prejudiced by Cañete. His frame of mind and line of reasoning are very disturbing. We must never tolerate such behavior of a fiscal that imperils the administration of justice in the country,” The senator from Iloilo said.

Meanwhile, 17 senators agreed to sign a resolution to investigate the case of Kian Loyd and to condemn the ‘one time, big time’ anti drug operation by the PNP this week in different provinces that resulted to the arrest of more than 250 drug suspects.

As of writing, Cañete’s Facebook account was still not activated, but RJ “ThinkingPinoy” Nieto let the Caloocan City Asst. Prosecutor use his Facebook page temporarily.



source: pinoytrending


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