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Barbie Imperial vs Kathryn Bernardo, Who Will you Choose? The Mestiza Beauty or The Morena Beauty!

Recently, Paul Salas and Daniel Padilla became trending topics online after Paul Salas and his friends try to bully Daniel Padilla on social media because of the tension he had with JC De Vera in Star Magic Basketball.

The teasing and bullying from Facebook has been directed into Twitter where they ended up challenging each other on a five on five basketball game. Fans of Daniel Padilla roasted Paul Salas and his girlfriend Barbie Imperial on social media.

Barbie Imperial posted “Good ttimes or bad time, I got his back. Even if you bash me, I want to show you guys that bad comments won’t stop me, because i know him.`

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial1

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial2

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial38

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial22.jpg

Despite that she was just defending her boyfriend Paul Salas, she still got bashed.

Mean while Kathryn Bernardo just posted a GIF that left everyone laughing, while Patrick Sigui tweets `We have that ride or die kind of friendship. Thats what your messing with right now. Wrong move bud. Best of luck.`

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial6

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial3

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial4

kathryn bernardo vs barbie imperial5

Because of the war between Paul Salas and Daniel Padilla, many netizens started comparing Kathryn Bernardo and Barbie Imperial. Netizens couldn’t help but to compare the beuaties of Barbie and Kathryn.

Watch the video down below:


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