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Kathryn Bernardo, Sinabihang Inggit Kay “Liza Darna” Matapos Magsuot ng Wonder Woman Costume!

Last Sunday, Kathryn Bernardo do the full-gear of Wonder Woman costume during ASAP production.

kathryn bernardo wonder woman2.jpg

kathryn bernardo wonder woman3.jpg

Kathryn admitted that she is a fan of Gal Gadot, she post `When you take fangirling to the next level.. @gal_gagot.`

According to Kathryn’s bashers, her legs are sakang. Let’s hope that the strong bracelets can protect Kathryn Bernardo from all the bashers.

kathryn bernardo wonder woman1.jpg

Here are some of the netizen’s comments:

kathryn bernardo wonder woman4.jpg

kathryn bernardo wonder woman5.jpg

kathryn bernardo wonder woman6.jpg

kathryn bernardo wonder woman7.jpg


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