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Senior High School student allegedly high on drugs beats his girlfriend

Photos of a young girl who got beaten by her senior high school boyfriend went viral on the internet on Friday.

Netizen Anthony Hitomo, lambasted the boyfriend of his sister on social media, identified as Andrei Allareyand, a student of Sampaguita National High School in San Pedro Laguna.

According to Hitomo’s post, the victim experienced trauma when her boyfriend beat him for still not known reasons.

Hitomo also claimed that his sister repeatedly told him that the suspect threatened to kill her.

The brother of the victim also claimed that the suspect already beat his sister for the third time and he believes that the Allarey is consuming illegal drugs that made him to commit such crime.

He also posted some of the photos of his sister and showed the bruises that the victim received from the suspect.


The photos posted by Hitomo showed that the victim had bruises in different parts of her body including her head, left side of stomach, legs and back.








Hitomo said that he’s willing to file a case against Allarey and face the consequences for hurting his sister.


If proven, Allarey Andrei might face charges for violating the Republic Act 9262 also known as “The Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004”

But if the suspect was still a minor, the ‘Pangilinan Act’ would save him from being jailed and he might be transferred in the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.


As of writing, the post of Hitomo already received 9,000 reactions and thousands of shares from the netizens,


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