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Meet Jake Zyrus’ New Found Love!

Jake Zyrus is formerly known as Charice Pempengo. After his breakup with long-time live-in partner on April, Alyssa Quijano, she come out with a new name, Jake Zyrus.

And now, Jake have found another love with a girl who makes him feel good about himself and who can love him for who he is.

She is Shyre Aquino, a nutritionist and fitness instructor. It started when photos of them went viral that blew people away. A photo of them at the beach and another photo with where Jake Zyrus has left a sweet comment. “You deserve all these good comments.


They don’t even know who you really are as a person. To all of you, this woman makes me feel good about myself. She’s the reason I stopped hating myself because of what other people think/say about me. Other than her outer beauty, her inner beauty is one of the many reasons why I adore her. She’s patient, funny and humble. Thanks for complimenting her. It makes me feel very proud. She’s a really good human being. :-)”

Netizens praises Jake and said that he deserves to be happy.

Shyre posted a photo at the beach with caption: “I love you for who you are”.






























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