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Former Beauty Queen Lara Quigaman Rushed To The Hospital In Cebu

Precious Lara Quigaman is a former beauty queen who earned her popularity after she was dubbed as the Miss International of 2005.


Recently, Lara posted on a photo of herself with her husband revealing the truth behind her health condition after she was rushed to the Doctors Hospital in Cebu.

She revealed that she was suffering from a severe allergic reaction, which causes tightening of her throat and appearance of hives throughout her entire body, which occurs after her first event.

Despite her condition, Lara thanked God for guiding her and her husband for being there for her. Here are Lara’s posts: “Praise the Lord for He is good! His love endures forever! . We could feel and see God moving and working things out so clearly during our stay here in Cebu! With schedules, with unexpected favors from people and at work… “He is simply Amazing! I can’t stop thinking and saying how truly wonderful God is- that even though I was rushed to the ER last night because of a severe allergic reaction- (my throat tightened and had hives all over my body) I will keep on praising and thanking Him.

“God truly is an awesome God, His timing is super perfect! He is the greatest planner, organizer! He makes all things work for the good of those who love Him! Never stop trusting in God. Keep on praising and thanking Him! “Rejoice always whatever your situation is.. He knows best! And He is a Good Good Father! . Hallelujah always!!!


Lara was also thankful for her husband Marco Alcaraz who was taking good care of her and their child Noah.

thank You Father God for giving me the best husband!!! @marcoalcaraz has beeeen the best! He’s been driving me to work, taking such good care of me and noah.




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