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BREAKING NEWS: MPD Found A Grenade In Front of UE-Recto Campus

MPD Found A Grenade In Front of EU-Recto Campus.jpg

A Bomb disposal team was called to University of the East, Recto Campus in Manila after a street sweeper found a grenade in front of the main gate.

Senior Inspector Arnold Santos (MPD) Explosive and Ordinance Division chief, said they received a call from the security guard of the Campus around 5:40am Monday about the grenade covered with blue tape.

MPD official confirmed the explosive was MK2 fragmentation.

Arnold Santos said that their team was able to secure the grenade around 6:00 am.

`Hindi sya capable to explode without a detonator, ibig sabihin walang detonator. Kulang yung parts pero ito ay naka-safety pa, naka tape intact yung kanyang safety pin.` Santos said.

He said that they will review the CCTV in the area for possible identification of the person who left the grenade.


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