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Check This Out: 8 Amazing Health Benefits We Can Get From Drinking Beer, Cheers!

  1. Makes You Smarter

Study published in the Cognition and Consciousness journal showed that people who drink a small amount of beer are able to solve problems than sober individuals.

10 health benefits of beer1.JPG


2. Prevent Kidney Stones

If you don’t believe, researchers in Finland found out that each bottle of beer a person drinks lowers their risk of having kidney stones by 40%. Beer keeps your kidney active since you feel urge to go to the bathroom more.

10 health benefits of beer2.jpg


3. Protects The Heart

Wine is always credited for making your heart healthier, beer might actually do the same thing. According to Italian study, moderate beer drinkers are 43% less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases versus non-drinkers. Experts suggest to keep you beer intake to around 1 pint per day.

10 health benefits of beer3


4. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Yes beer does give you beer belly, but if taken moderately it can actually prevent diabetes. Researchers analyzed 39,000 male health professionals and found that moderate beer drinkers were less to have Type 2 diabetes.

10 health benefits of beer4.jpg


5. Boosts Your Confidence

British researchers found that people found themselves more attractive even after they have both real and fake beer.

10 health benefits of beer5.jpg


6. Lowers Blood Pressure

A study conducted in Harvard researchers show that sipping beer will give you a better chance of lowering blood pressure versus sipping on cocktails and wine.

10 health benefits of beer6.jpg


7.  Helps Our Body Recover Faster

Drinking beer after working may hydrate you more compared to drinking water, according to Spanish study.

10 health benefits of beer7.jpg


8. Fight Infections

Alcohol can clean anything both inside and out. Drinking 1 to 2 bottles of beer a day may boost your immune system, according to study by Oregon Health and Science University.

10 health benefits of beer8.jpg


Do you believe that beer is good for your health? Leave you thought in the comment box down below!



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