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“Pilipinas Got Talent” contestant Joven Olvido shows off his vape tricks Trending News Portal

If you’ve been watching “Pilipinas Got Talent” regularly, then you might’ve have spotted a tricycle driver among its various contestants. He is Joven Olvido, a 28-year-old who has gained the public’s attention with his vape tricks.

According to ABS-CBN News, Joven also exchanged banters with one of the show’s judges, Vice Ganda. His smooth skills in tit-for-tat secured his a spot in the next round.

Robin Padilla even quipped that Joven has the skills of a comedian. He exclaimed, “Yun talaga ang talent mo, magbe-vape ka o magpapatawa ka? Kasi kailangan linawin mo sa amin, kasi kung pagbe-vape, guard! Pero kung pagiging comedian, pare, ang galing mo.”

When Joven came to the stage, Vice immediately noticed his unbuttoned polo shirt. When the comedian pointed this out, Joven gamely answered that he intended to keep it such “para cool.”





This earned amused laughter from the background, including the “PGT” judges.

“Nakakatuwa ka,” Vice added.

Joven added that he makes a living as a tricycle driver. “Hangga’t po may pasahero.”

Vice remarked that Joven should also work in the graveyard shift since there are also passengers during that time of the day. Joven replied that there are no passengers at that particular time, at least within his area. The comedian answered with a movie reference, and said “Wag mong sabihing wala, dahil meron, meron!”







Joven gamely answered that he didn’t saw the comedian waiting for a tricycle.

The humorous exchange between the two continued and further impressed the rest of the judges.

Joven went on to show his real talent, which was doing vape tricks. “Magaling siya um-acting!” Robin quipped in amusement.



Joven released a large puff and then did gestures with his hands. He continued doing so and then accompanied it with arm movements.

Billy Crawford and Toni Gonzaga laughed backstage while Vice exclaimed to the contestant, “Sira ulo.”

What was Vice Ganda talking about? You have to watch the full video below!

Were you impressed with Joven Olvido’s talent? Can you do those vape tricks as well? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!





1 Comment on “Pilipinas Got Talent” contestant Joven Olvido shows off his vape tricks Trending News Portal

  1. Ian Cyrus Barcelos // April 27, 2018 at 10:57 am // Reply

    Di ko po kaya yan, eh. Pero sige. Subukan ko pong mag Blindfold Vaping kapag may budget na ako para makabili ng Vape.


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